The Public Policy Working Group of the New Jersey Council of Churches (NJCC) is comprised of clergy and lay members of congregations and denominations which are members of the NJCC. The purpose of the committee is to analyze legislative and social issues of state-wide importance and, after analysis, to recommend appropriate policies to the leadership of the NJCC.

The criteria by which these topics are examined are those common to all religions—the inherent dignity of all human beings; the right of all humans to be treated with respect; the particular support for those who are most vulnerable in our society, such as the aged, the impoverished, and the infirm; and the equalization of opportunity for everyone in our respective communities.

The Group recommends support for, or opposition to, pending legislation based on the above criteria. Additionally, it remains updated on the actions of state officials, agencies, and departments concerning social issues.

It also prepares and presents programs for the annual “Issues and Action” event which deals in depth with some of the most important issues of the day. This event provides speakers who are experts in their fields, and offers the opportunity for attendees to discuss the subjects at hand.

Newcomers are always welcome to attend meetings of the group, which are generally held three or four times a year in Trenton. Concern for one’s fellow human beings, and the willingness to contribute ideas are the only prerequisites for membership in the group.